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All listings for: artrussia
Photo Title Description Price
Stalin Unique-huge-historic-statue-bronze-Josef Stalin Unique!

Extremly rare!

For sale: Huge historic statue of JOSEF STALIN, russian dictator 1927-1953.

This statue, made of bronze, is in a perfect condition, it overcame the destructiveness of similar statues by people after opening the boarders in 1989. This statue comes originally from Czech Republic, Litomerice, where it was auctioned officially by the city many years ago!

Artist: Bradacek-Kyselka 1953, LIL Zukov 1954

This statue is probably one of the last originals in such a perfect condition on the private market, so this seems to be the last chance, to get hold of such an original with historic background!


99,000.00 EUR Dec 29-5:12
histroc oversize iron sculpture of LENIN histroc oversize iron sculpture of LENIN

A Soviet oversize iron sculpture of Lenin (Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov,) standing in typical pose holding a notebook and pencil in suit and waistcoat, on a rectangular raised plinth.

This large and well-cast sculpture of Lenin is a fine example of the iconography which was prevalent in the previous Soviet states, and most likely will have been in a prominent position in a pu

39,000.00 EUR Dec 29-5:06
Espenlaub militaria authentic and original WW1 and WW2 militaria
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