Keilhose 43, Waffen-SS pants.

Keilhose 43, Waffen-SS pants.
Keilhose 43, Waffen-SS pants. 0Keilhose 43, Waffen-SS pants. 1Keilhose 43, Waffen-SS pants. 2Keilhose 43, Waffen-SS pants. 3Keilhose 43, Waffen-SS pants. 4

Keilhose 43, Waffen-SS pants. Factory marking  — 910. Italian woolen cloth-diagonal. As usual, all items made for Waffen SS had their own coded marking of manufacturers. Stamp with size and manufacturer's marking is on the back of the pants lining.   Size: 80 — waist, 86 — the vertical measurement from the front of the waist to the back, 109 — full length, 102 — hip width.  All measurements are actual for current state of the pants. The wedge-shaped SS pants  in addition to marking, have differences from others pants in the more vertical angle of the pockets.  Excellent condition with minor traces of wearing. Don't miss rare example of SS pants!


2 200€
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