Aufklärungs-Lehr-Abteilung Waffenrock

Aufklärungs-Lehr-Abteilung Waffenrock
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The parade-dress uniform-the Waffenrock for the Wehrmacht armored reconnaissance training unit / Aufklärungs-Lehr-Abteilung. Private purchased. Excellent condition, no damage, just has one stain (shown in the pictures) on the front side under the last buttonhole. High quality workmanship and quality materials. Shoulder straps with nicely hand embroidered cypher «L» for Lehrabteilung. Fully comleted with all original to it insignia. From the backside of the uniform were removed 2 belt's hooks (not buttons, but a hooks),  most likely removed by the owner by some reason in war period. Two buckles on the inner waistband are cut off  because of uselessness. The factory tag indicates the tailor shop — F. Junghans Stolp i / P.  Size 48 with breats of 90 cm.

Hisotry of the unit:

Created on October 1, 1937 as a training unit of the Hannover Cavalry School at the Döberitz military training area in the following structure: Cavalry training and test detachment: Headquarters of the Hanover Cavalry School and Wunsdorf Tank School
1. Training squadron of cavalrymen from 4./Reiter-Rgt 2
2. A experiment squad of a training squadron of armored vehicles (Panzer-Späh) from 2./Kraftfahr. Versuchs Abt.
3 A experiment detachment of a motorized rifle squadron from 3./Kraftfahr.Versuchs Abt
4. Heavy training platoon created on the basis of units from several military districts.
5. Headquarters squadron of the 1st cavalry brigade and motorized reconnaissance detachment from Stabs-Schwadron von 1 .Kavallerie-Brigade, Aufklärungs-Abteilung (mot.) 7
6. Brass Orchestra of the 20th Artillery Regiment, originally stationed in Döberitz.
Later, a training and reconnaissance armored train was transferred under the command of the unit. In 1938, the cavalry training and experimental squad was transferred to the newly built barracks in Krampnitz near Potsdam (later II Panzer School). Another cavalry squadron and a technical squadron of the Krampnitz cavalry school were assigned to the detachment, so that the squadron could act as a training unit simultaneously with a motorized reconnaissance detachment and a divisional reconnaissance detachment. In the fall of 1939, it was planned to transform into a «Cavalry training regiment», the 1st squad was to be equipped with armored vehicles, the 2nd — riders, bycyclists and heavy machine guns. The outbreak of war with Poland prevented this transformation. In early August 1939, a reconnaissance and training detachment was created in the following composition:
— Headquarter
— 1st training squadron (1. Lehrschwadron mit Panzerspäh) with armored cars:  3 SdKfz 232 (8Rad) and 4 SdKfz 222. After the French campaign «Kompanie Waldow» Panzerverband 700 / Heeresgruppe B
— 2nd training squadron with armored cars(1. Lehrschwadron mit PanzerSpäh): as l. Training squadron. Parts of the 2nd training squadron were transferred directly to the Führer's headquarters from the first days of the Polish campaign.
— 3rd training squadron (motorcyclists): 3 rifle platoons (total 9 light machine guns, 2 heavy machine guns, 2 light mortars)
— 4th training squadron (heavy): squad with anti-tank guns 3 x 3.7 cm PaK 36, 1 anti-aircraft coaxial machine gun (Fla), 3 light MG, 1 cavalry. ingineering platoon with 3 light MGs, 1 cavalry artillery platoon with two guns- 7.5 cm, 1 mortar platoon with 2 of 8 cm mortars Gr W 34
— 5th squadron (headquarters): 2 signals units; 1 reconnaissance squad of motorcyclists with 3 light MGs and one anti-tank rifle.
— Supply platoon
— Repair squad
The training squadron (bycyclists) remained in Krampnitz as a training / reserve unit. For the Polish campaign on August 25, 1939, the unit was renamed the «Reconnaissance and Training Detachment» («Aufklärungs-Lehr-Abteilung») and subordinated to the III Army Corps of the 4th Army, and from September 7, 1939 — to the XIX Army Corps.

2 200€
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