Bayonet for automatic rifle AVS-36

Bayonet for automatic rifle AVS-36
Bayonet for automatic rifle AVS-36 0Bayonet for automatic rifle AVS-36 1Bayonet for automatic rifle AVS-36 2Bayonet for automatic rifle AVS-36 3Bayonet for automatic rifle AVS-36 4

Bayonet for automatic rifle AVS-36 with original scabbard. The scabbard has damage due to oxidation like surface rust, dents and hole, but it's really rare to find item, because most AVS bayos are selling without scabbard.  The chrome-plated bayonet blade has slight traces of oxidation where the scabbard was damaged. The handle with perfectly preserved wooden grips with easy to unscrew the bolt securing grips to the bayonet. A fully functioning bayonet mount to the lug on a rifle,  a locking device hidden inside the handle is the most complex and interesting engineering solution of the Soviet weapons school, an invention of the gunsmith — Simonov. When you press the lock button, the spring-loaded handle moves forward along the blade, opening the back of the mount for installing the bayonet in its regular place on the rifle. Scabbard with a preserved leather loop for attaching to the waist belt. Extremely rare Soviet ww2 bayonet.

1 490€
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