Panzerkampfabzeichen Steinhauer & Lück

Panzerkampfabzeichen Steinhauer & Lück
Panzerkampfabzeichen Steinhauer & Lück 0Panzerkampfabzeichen Steinhauer & Lück 1Panzerkampfabzeichen Steinhauer & Lück 2Panzerkampfabzeichen Steinhauer & Lück 3Panzerkampfabzeichen Steinhauer & Lück 4

Panzerkampfabzeichen Steinhauer & Lück. One of the more uncommon S&L variants. Outlining for the earlier classic Juncker set is clearly visible. Instead of the early hardware, in this case, a simple wrap-around hinge and directly soldered on catch were used. Only recently this type of badge was found in an S&L marked envelope, providing more proof of its true manufacturer, Steinhauer & Lück, Lüdenscheid. This badge has been found in a hoard of unissued S&L badges. Stone mint condition

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