Imperial Russia Army Ware Set

Imperial Russia Army Ware Set
Imperial Russia Army Ware Set 0Imperial Russia Army Ware Set 1Imperial Russia Army Ware Set 2Imperial Russia Army Ware Set 3Imperial Russia Army Ware Set 4

WW1  Russia Army cup and plate from soldier's dinning room. Steel made, blue enamel from outside and white on the inner side.  The plate has factory markings in russian: Vulkan — Warsaw and no markings on the cup.   Made in Poland for Russian Army by military contract. Before the ww1  there were many factories and  artel working for Russians.   Both found at the same attic of an old house. Both items show traces of use. The enamel has damage shown in the pictures and rusty spots, but both items are still hard and no holes.  Good for display in your WW1 collection. 

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