Wehrmacht's infantry officers, cap, Erel

Wehrmacht's infantry officers, cap, Erel
Wehrmacht's infantry officers, cap, Erel 0Wehrmacht's infantry officers, cap, Erel 1Wehrmacht's infantry officers, cap, Erel 2Wehrmacht's infantry officers, cap, Erel 3Wehrmacht's infantry officers, cap, Erel 4

Wehrmacht's infantry officers, cap. The cap is of excellent quality, with traces of front-line wear. The sweatband is damaged due to wear. The cap has been owned by Lieutenant Krieger is evidenced by a paper label inserted into the regular place on the celluloid diamond anti-sweat protection, which bears the markings of the manufacturer: Militär Warenhaus Hans Dürbeck Wien IX Berggasse 31 Erel Sonderklasse Standard. The sweatband is marked: Erel Stirnschutz DRGM. Size fifty-nine. Minor moth traces, barely visible on close inspection

NB!  This is a consignment item.  Consignment item has an inspection period of 14 days following receipt of the item, and after that, any return for is void. No reason is acceptable for returns of consignment items as we have given most of the money to the consignor.

1 150€
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