Wehrmacht Heer DAK tropical Unissued breeches that have been used by Heer/Army in Deutsches Afrika Korps and Southern Russia and Italy. They produced in ribbed cotton cloth in a tropical khaki/sand color. Built in waist belt which is made from woven rough khaki canvas.More
Near unissued M 41 trousers with leather reinforcement, just one moth damage on the lower part, which could be easily restored ( by your wish) . Size could fit to the mannequin approx 180 cm tall. Kammerstempel with size and Wuertzburg 1942 depot More
Early walkout/dress white piped infantry trousers. Private purchased, as all of them. Stone grey, could fit as a enlisted and officers tunic. Very minor moth holes in the hidden areas. Size: the length - 104 cm, the waist: 99 cm. (medium to large). Very rare to find trousers! More
Tropical DAK Luftwaffe cotton shirt. Well worn but still nice salty shirt. Unfortunately insignia is missed, but still a rare example. Makers ink stamp on the neck. Medium size More
Heer lieutenants of signals tunic, lightweight wool material made, private purchased. Shoulder straps and eagle are original to the tunic, but collartabs looks like replaced, but most probably in the war time period. The liner is a bit moth damaged as well as a collar back part too.More
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