3rd Reich war time issue of a Organization TODT Feldbluse in rare cut like Luftwaffe feldbluse. Stripped. Worn by Org TODT members, as well as Eastern Volunteers Polizei units. Marked Org TODT RAU 52 ( size), very good worn condition. More
Luftwaffe female Lufthelferinnen trousers. Late war issue, RB NR marked 0/0250/0496, size markings are little bit misplaced. Mint condition, unworn example without any damage. Size: waist 82, length 105. More
1 200€
Wehrmacht Heer or W-SS M 43 gaiters ( putties ).  Mint, RB Nr marked. Just have some rust traces from the buckles, due improper storage More
SA-Marine white trousers from Adolf Hitler Schule, marked with AHS in rectangular and RZM brown cloth label - HOSE and producer D2/60748. Size label and ink stamp showing -12, which is approx 70 cm waist and 90 cm length. Unworn condition, but has some staining due of improper storage.More
Wehrmacht Heer DAK tropical Unissued breeches that have been used by Heer/Army in Deutsches Afrika Korps and Southern Russia and Italy. They produced in ribbed cotton cloth in a tropical khaki/sand color. Built in waist belt which is made from woven rough khaki canvas.More
Pack of black cotton thread, 50 meters in each spoil, pre war made in Latvia. Price for the spoil More
Marine HJ-navy Hitler Jugend white ship trousers with AHS marking- Adolf Hitler Schule. The trousers is in very good worn condition in size 12 shown on the label and also imprinted near the rectangle with AHS abbreviature. The size is for young tall boy in age of 15-17 years More
Luftwaffe administrative official NCOs private purchased lightweight Fliegerbluse tunic for Sonderfuehrer ( O ) level.Missed eagle, missed tailor label, and missed shoulder straps. One button is also missed. Rare to find the Fliegerbluse in this type and  for such a lower rank of bearer.More
Paper/cardboard buttons, Feldgrau- 23 mm. Wehrmacht Heer, Lufftwaffe, Waffen SS, RAD and other military services. Used on working and camouflage garments, kit and field gear, Panzer and Stug tunics. Price is for one! More
14 mm Soviet Army/ Red Army war time issue artificial bone/ bakelite buttons, 4 hole, for trousers, uniforms and field gear. Price is for one! More
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