Russian WW2 Militaria

Cavalry shashka model 1927. Marked blade 1929 year, as evidenced on the blade's ricasso. The blade has traces of polishing. Sheath without chips or cracks. Sabre is in overall excellent condition. More
1 650€
Entrenching tool, Comintern dated, 1941. Perfect condition. More
RKKA Leather entrancing tool cover for a shovel with a wedge blade. Pre-war issue. Near mint condition. We have few in stock.  All in same condition.  Price is for 1 pcs. More
Soviet winter hat "Shapka-ushanka", model 1940. M40. The stamp is hard to read due to heavy wear, but the date is  more-or-less visible: 1941. Traces of a strong front-line use. More
Leather holster for a TT pistol, model 1933. There is a small cracks on the top of the closure. The markings are unreadable, but according to the texture of the leather and type of the holster, it's 1941 year of issue, beginning of war.  No traces of use. More
Luftwaffe blue-grey Drillich HBT tropical straight-legged trousers M40. The trousers are in overall very good worn condition. No factory or size markings,  but it is in a good size, approx. 85 waist and 104 lengths. A very rare and practically impossible to find such an early LW breeches. More
1 480€
Set of camouflage suit of the Red Army - "Amoeba". Summer "daytime" colours. There is a marking with a faint year, as it seems like 1942. Wear traces and repairs. Rare item.  Used both by Russian snipers and scouts. More
1 450€
Major of chemical troops (combat flamethrowers) M43 gymnasterka in very good condition, just a couple of very small moth holes. Canadian cloth made. Size approx 50 european.   If  you check it closely in hands then you can see some order's holes on it. More
Very nice officers M 43 gymnasterka for Major of armored/artillery troops. Nicely worn example, made of fine wool with red pipings on the cuffs. Medium to Large size, good fit to the mannequin. More
Motto 'Ümbritseme kogu rahva hoolitsuse ja armastusega Punaarmee võitlejate perekondi ja suure isamaasõja invaliide!' can be translated like 'We surround the families of the Red Army fighters and the disabled of the Great Patriotic War with the care and love of the whole nation!'.More
Soviet card with the text in Russian on the back side and drawing made by Deni on a front side. At the fraternel tomb of the prophets who predicted us a fortnight existence. Size 14,5 x 10 cm. More
WW2 M40 Soviet winter hat - Ushanka. Salty condition. Size approx 58-59. Very nice example for combat veteran or partisan display. More
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