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Poster "Let's defend Moscow!" (Отстоим Москву!) by Zhukov and Klimashin. Size 38x31 cm. More
Ammunition Canvas Ammo Pouch WW1 pattern for Mosin-Nagant rifle made in years 1916-1917. Also used later by Red Army in WW2. Lots of stamps, but hard to read. More
Ammo pouch made by Makarov in 1916 for Imperial Russian Army on WW1. Could be in use by Red Army on a Civil War 1917-1922 and WW2. More
M41 Wehrmacht tunic in the rank of Oberstabsarzt. Excellent condition with traces of use. Jacket for a period of the beginning of Operation Barbarossa. Made from standard feldgrau cloth. Size approximately 50. Complete with all the insignia originally applied. More
2 280€
SS Haupsturmführer's collar with collar tabs. The collar is made of dark green wool with a dark green felt lining and for some reason was torn from the jacket; perhaps the jacket continued to be used in the post-war period and was altered. The length of the collar sewing on the jacket is 45 cm.More
3 280€
Scho-ka-kola. Chocolate packaging: Wehrmacht. Chocolate tin with original contents. A paper label with the inscription Wehrmacht Packung is glued to the front lid of the can. Until now, we have not come across such a combination with a sticker on top of the can. Rare! More
Panzerkampfabzeichen in Bronze. Rudolf Souval Wien. Marking with letters R.S on the reverse. Zinc with almost no bronze coating due to diffusion. Excellent condition More
Luftwaffe pilot's watch. B-Uhr Flieger. Beobachtungsuhr Bauart: Durowe. Gerät-Nr 127-5608 Werk-Nr H1139 anforderz. Fl.23883 Hersteller: Lacher&Co. NÄHER-SCHATZLE. The mechanism is from Lacher& Co (Laco). Number H 1139. The watch is in working condition. The leather strap is a modern copy.More
4 650€
Wardrobe tags for gray trousers and black SS overcoat, marked: Mantel Schwarz 5/3.SS-T.ST- 6 Hundertschaft Totenkopf-Standarte 3 "Thüringen" and Hoselang, grau KR/3.SS.T.St Kraftfahrkolonne Totenkopf- Standarte 3 "Thüringen". Price for the set of 2 tags. More
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