Set of 4 SS buckles

Set of 4 SS buckles
Set of 4 SS buckles 0Set of 4 SS buckles 1Set of 4 SS buckles 2Set of 4 SS buckles 3Set of 4 SS buckles 4

Set of 4 SS buckles for good price. Read description for each buckle below. The buckles can be also sold separately. Ask for the price.

1. Aluminum buckle SS 155/39 RZM Assmann. Excellent condition

2. SS RZM 24 Buckle. Early buckle made of cupro-nickel. An extremely rare manufacturer, very difficult to find on the market. The buckle  is battlefield  found  and not in best condition. Sell as is.  The steel roller attached to the belt is not fixed, but simply placed for display.

3. Aluminum buckle SS RZM 822/37, manufacturer — Richard Sieper or C.T. Dicke. Buckle with traces of heavy wear, battlefield found with traces of oxides.

4. SS buckle early cupro-nickel Oberhoff & Cie Lüdenscheid. Ges. Gesch. A rare variant with the full text of the Overhoff markings. The buckle is in battlefield found condition. The included belt fastening roller is not original to this buckle.

NB!  These are consignment items.  Consignment item has an inspection period of 14 days following receipt of the item, and after that, any return for is void. No reason is acceptable for returns of consignment items as we have given most of the money to the consignor

2 490€
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