German WW2 Militaria

Wehrmacht Obergefreitor of the 81st Pionier battalion. The tunic is in excellent condition with minor traces of wear. No damage or loss, including traces of insect activity. Shoulder straps with cyphers 81 embroidered with chain stitch are sewn into the seam.More
2 850€
The visor cap of the Luftwaffe flight officer. Excellent condition, there are minor traces of minor wear. The anti-sweat celluloid diamond is missed. Size 56. Overall very nice condition with great saddle shape and a couple of minor insect marks. More
1 550€
Original wedding gift box "Mein Kampf" for SS members. "Mein Kampf", Hochzeitsausgabe, Holzkassette für SS-Männer. Traces of use. More
2 800€
German Army Wall Plaquette. Such items were a memorable gift or prize received for special achievements in service. The plaquette has a square shape with a side length of 13 cm. On a wooden base, painted black, there is a German helmet and a plate under it.More
E. Schneider Heer Steel Buckle with leather tab both marked and dated 1940. On the buckle back side near the belt loop You can see ESL makersmark for the same producer E. Schneider from Lüdenscheid. Heavy wear traces. More
Hitler Youth Leather Tie Knot More
Cap for the lower ranks of the Wehrmacht signal troops. Excellent condition with traces of use. There are a few minor stains from age and wear. Celluloid diamond removed by owner. On the crown and band there are only two very insignificant holes left by moths. Cap size approximately 55.More
German Officer's High Parade Boots (Offiziersstiefel). Matching pair of leather boots with sole length about 28,5 cm and height 47 cm. Supple leather showing normal traces of wear. More
Heer Parade Buckle (Koppelschloss), unmarked, made of aluminium. Good condition with some minor traces of wear. More
German black tall army boots (Marschstiefel). Matching pair of boots with soles length 29 cm and height 42 cm. As found in such condition showing some traces of age and wear with steel boot hook attached. More
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