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Early SS seal pre-1935 Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei - SS Abschnitt XXXXIII. A very rare seal, made of brass. One of the highest divisions of the Allgemeine-SS, 43rd Abschnitt. More
1 200€
Feldmütze M 43 für Waffen-SS. 1943 model for the Waffen SS. Excellent condition with traces of wear. Marked M43 and size 57 on the lining. One small button is missing. We can provide the missing button for free, but it may not be from the same manufacturer. More
2 200€
Chinstrap for Waffen-SS visor hat. Length 34 cm. Made of artificial leather - Pressstoff. In an uncleaned condition, as found in the attic. May crack if left untreated. If you wish, you can also purchase from us "ready-for-use", cleaned strap. We have  few in stock.More
Chinstrap for Waffen-SS visor cap. Length 32.5 cm. Made of artificial leather. Cleaned, with fittings slightly tinted with black lacquer. Has a couple of cracks in the area of the runners.More
Late war printed SS sleeve eagle. Mint More
Waffen SS Sparkling water bottle with the inscription - WAFFEN-SS. Overall good condition with just small defect on the bottle neck's edge. Extreme rare item. More
1 100€
Necktie for Waffen SS and Wehrmacht. Light cotton cloth made. Maker marked. Mint from a bunch of 10. Price is fro one. More
Waffen SS Bergmütze. A worn example in very nice condition with separate BeVo eagle and skull. Size 57 marked liner, leather sweatband. One button on the front. Left side Edelweiss insignia, most probably post-war attached. Condition is in the pictures.   More
4 900€
Piping for early SS uniforms and insignia - Allgemeine-SS und SS-Verfügungstruppe Vorschriftsmäßige Spiegel und Kragenschnur Schwarz/Aluminium. Alu/black color. Price is per one meter. More
10 mm Waffen SS collar tabs rank pips, or Wehrmacht shoulder straps rank pips. Zinc die struck. Mint. We have them in qnt.  10 mm (cross over). Price is for one. More
SS or SA rank stripe for collar tabs, artificial silk made. Price per 7 cm piece.  We have few pcs. in stock. More
Waffen SS trade patch for enlisted man of signals troops - Mint.  We have few in stock.  Price is for one. More
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