German WW2 Militaria

Tropical shoulder straps of the German African Corps DAK. Armoured reconnaissance or other reconnaissance units. An exceptionally rare type of colour for the DAK. Shoulder straps with a standard viscose golden yellow piping.More
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Skull cockade for the hat of the Latvian Waffen SS Volunteers.   Uncut, made from a piece of aluminium, most likely frontline work, like all known finished examples. Interesting to note that they did not manage to complete it due to any war or battle reasons. More
Field tunic - Feldbluse - Leutnant (Arzt). Tailor-made piece. Traces of frontline life. The tunic obviously belonged to a front-line medic.  Lots of character, with traces of hard frontline life and bloodstains. Without any age damage, we can see just the traces of everyday use only.More
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Naval flag of the Third Reich Kr.Fl. 150x250 Witte K.G. Munich. Reichskriegsflagge. Excellent condition with some stains and dirties shown in the pictures. More
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Wehrmacht officer's dagger. Very good condition. The blade without a maker's mark. The crossguard and fittings are in zinc with solid silvering and an orange Bakelite grip without cracks or chips. The silver-plated steel scabbard has some silver bulge due to improper storage More
Visor hat for the lower ranks of the infantry in the Wehrmacht. Private purchased. Combat wool made. Size approx. 57. Slight damage to the sweatband, as well as to the celluloid diamond (Stirndruckfrei Deutsches Reichspatent) due to wear and ages. Cap signed by owner: Unteroffizier Lenker.More
Luftwaffe Officer's garrison hat. Excellent condition, with practically no traces of use. Size 58-59 More
Luftwaffe mineral water bottle. Marked on the cork: Eigentum der Luftwaffe More
Brown leather belt - Luftwaffe officer or leader of the N.S.D.A.P. Total length 135 cm. There are additional punched holes approximately in the middle of the belt. Overall very good soft condition. No markings. More
The Hitler Youth leather belt with the buckle. The leather belt is produced in the middle of the war with the Rb Nr marking,  traces of strong use, size - 100 cm. The belt is re-sewn, most likely due to heavy wear. The leather is still soft and in good condition.More
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