Backpacks & Bags

Hitler Youth backpack marked RZM L3/284/40. Inside of it there is still an RZM tag with the inscription: Tornister nach Vorschrift Segeltuch-Ausführung (regular rucksack, canvas version) Gesetz von 12/20/1934. Uniformteile müssen sichtbar das Schutzzeichen der RZM der NSDAP. Fragen. Bekanntm. v. 16.More
Breadbag for the Wehrmacht or Waffen-SS. Middle of the war issue, good condition More
Heer late war A-frame bag. Constructed of olive green canvas. Very good condition. Some staining from an decontamination kit More
Wehrmacht or Waffen SS Backpack, mint. Unmarked, issued after 1943year. The backpack was supposed to replace the knapsack in tropical areas. The M1931 backpack for Gebirgsjäger units was taken as the basis for a newly produced backpack model, which approved itself from convenience and practice.More
3rd Reich, organization TODT backpack.  Not often seen example of TODT field gear.  Has clear visible  markings. Complete set with all straps. Found at the attic of an old farm in north Germany.  Unclear condition as found with attic dust. More
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