Canteens & Mess Kits

Pre-war German army mess kit Kochgeschirr M31 A.W.G 36. Excellently preserved to our times, which is surprisingly not seen in war or camp life. Without traces of fire or hard use. Numbers are the same. Early paint (color RAL 7010-Tarpaulin grey ) It's practically impossible to find another one More
Wehrmacht female helpers' canteen. 0,5l. Markings: ESB 40. Aluminum made water bottle in a shape of a standard canteen, in appearance it is exactly the same as the one-liter field canteen, but of less capacity and looks very compact. The lid, the bottle, and the belt have the same markings.More
Wehrmacht Heer or Waffen SS combat canteen in salty condition as it has been forgotten or lost by German soldier. Found in a barn at the Wolchow front (Russian, Novgorod area).  Sad, but bakelite cup is missed, otherwise completed with straps, which is still soft. W.A.More
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