Other headgear

"Robin Hood" Reichsarbeitsdienst RAD Tuchmütze for officers, "Mayser, Hutmacher seit 1800". Overall good condition with just few small moth damage, no bigger than a matches head. Felt made example with correct brown colored grommets. Hand embroidered bullion insignia.More
3rd Reich Police Schako hat. Maker's marked - EREL TSCHAKO EINGETR.WARENZEICHEN. Very minor oxidation on the metal chinstrap, traces of use and ages on the green wool, some minor cracks on the lacquered leather parts. Size 60.  Very good condition. More
1 100€
German 3rd Reich, WW2 period, Org Todt marked, wool ears warmers, they are the same in construction as a Heer and Waffen SS. Unissued condition. We have few in stock. Price is per one. More
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