Visor Hats

3rd Reich Factory protection police Werkschutz Polizei officers visor hat. Late war issue made from rough wool- Einheitswolle which is usually used on the enlisted field uniforms.More
2 650€
Wehrmacht Gebirgsjager visor hat, Mountain troops. Very good condition, just some light traces of use in hidden parts of the hat. The celluloid trapezoid has some damage shown in the pictures, but not critical at all. Marked by producer: N.Schega & Neffe Kappenfarikation Graz Griesgasse 42.More
1 250€
SS Schirmmütze Sturmriemen (chinstrap) for lower ranks. Marked SS RZM, but faint. Presstoff - artificial leather made, correct for Kleiderkasse Fieldgrey visor hats. Length - 35 cm with original buttons, excellent condition without any damage, soft and pliable. More
Heer Pionier, mid war officer’s visor hat with black piping. Rough enlisted wool top made hat with hand embroidered bullion insignia, which has some moth defects. The hat itself is nearly in unissued condition, however the sweatband has some minor wear tracing.More
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