Cufftitles & Armbands

5th SS division Wiking Cuff title. 28 cm. Quite a rare cuff title with silk stripes. Usually the edges are processed with aluminized thread. Very good condition. More
1 600€
11th SS division, Nordland flatwire cuff title for command personnel. Full length. Classic production style of Wuppertal makers. Rare type with yellowish cellon used on the letters. Slight traces of use, but still in excellent condition. A type beloved by many collectors. More
4 350€
Cuff title BeVo- SS-Gebirgsjäger Regiment 11 "Reinhard Heydrich" from the 6th mountain division NORD.  Cuff title without traces of use, full length. Has damage due to age or poor workmanship.More
1 220€
Early pre-1935 NSDAP wool armband for party leader. Worn but a very good condition More
Wehrmacht Heer Feldpost cuff title, machine woven example with flatwire aluminum thread. Excellent condition, never been applied to the tunic. Length - 42 cmMore
SS-Postschutz cuff title. Introduced for wear in 1942  when the Postschutz has been taken under control of the Waffen-SS. Excellent condition in full length. More
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