Kriegsmarine DAK Tropical tunic. Perfect, almost in unworn, near mint condition. Marked with depot acceptance of the Kriegsmarine warehouse stamp which contains date September 8, 1943 and B.K.A- Bekleidungsamt Wilhelmshaven. All buttons are original to the tunic.More
Takelbluse Kriegsmarine. Kriegsmarine work jacket.  Made by factory - F. Engel Hadersleben in Denmark.  Mint condition.  Size label - "1". More
Marine HJ-navy Hitler Jugend white ship trousers with AHS marking- Adolf Hitler Schule. The trousers is in very good worn condition in size 12 shown on the label and also imprinted near the rectangle with AHS abbreviature. The size is for young tall boy in age of 15-17 years More
Kriegsmarine leather protective suit for Flak and other ship guns gunner's. You can see soldiers wearing these suits on period time photos. Good condition worn black leather overall in big size More
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