Overcoats & Suites

Surgical apron for military medical personnel of the Red Army. Manufacturer's mark and poorly readable year 1943. Unworn conditionMore
Very nice condition WW2 NAVY or Navy infantry combat raincoat. It is a grey color, has a pre-war steel buttons with stars.More
Overcoat for command personnel M 1942 in khaki color was introduced in 1942 in the Red Army for command personnel. Since March 1944, all the units of the Red Army began to receive khaki color overcoats. Overcoat without visible markings, in excellent condition.More
Overcoat for the command staff, 1936 model, M36.  The officer's overcoat with "starshina" infantry insignia. Traces of wear. Faded. A real one-looker and an extreme scarce uniform of the Red Army. Size about 50, which corresponds to the POCT 4. More
1 400€
NKVD coat for patrol service, mostly these coats were in use by NKVD border guard troops, but also by different RKKA branches. Unclear stamp, beginning of 40's. Originally attached buttons, one is missed, but  I think we can supply you with replacement.   Nice condition.  Large size. More
Soviet padded jacket, belonged to the POW, the jacket was fashioned with added fur collar over original collar, then it was removed, and now you can see just a traces from that. Left pocket is lost, but still a nice early example. Color is black.More
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