Luftwaffe steel helmet ET62 Lot No. 846. Gray two-tone camouflage with sawdust. From pictures not easy to see all camo tones/shades on the helmet's shell, but in hands the camo looks much more sharper and brighter.  Liner's size is stamped "55" on the steel ring.More
1 150€
M35 NS 64 ex DD Wehrmacht Heer, Luftwaffe re-issued steel helmet. The helmet has Luftwaffe grey overpaint with a partially naked Wehrmacht Heer eagle decal on the left side.More
M 40 ET 66 Luftwaffe single decal steel helmet in worn condition. Completed with RB Nr 0/0369/0012 marked chinstrap. The leather part of the liner has some damage due to wear. Aluminum early 1940 year liner's ring. Approximately 60% of the decal is worn off.More
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