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Certificate of the transport department of the NKVD of the South Ural Railway. Issued to state security sergeant Evgeny Ivanovich Bogdanovsky, who was in the service of the transport department of the NKVD of the South Ural Railway as an operative investigation head. Issued on August 20, 1942.More
The rarest Führer der Kraftfahrtechnische Lehranstalt der Waffen-SS shoulder boards from the famous collection of John R. Angolia. They are published in his book: John R. Angolia, Cloth Insignia of the SS, page 414.More
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TeNo dark blue service tunic. The matching pair of TN Mann shoulder straps slip onto the tunic. Collar tabs with the unit designation: V/44 are hand attached. (Landesgruppe 5, Ortsgruppe 44) Aluminium flatwire machine-woven sleeve eagle. A high-quality tailored tunic, with a tailor label; E.More
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Third Reich RMBO tunic for Reich Ministry for the Occupied Eastern Territories /ex USSR. German: Reichsministerium für die besetzten Ostgebiete (RMfdbO) or Ostministerium.More
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Pair of shoulder straps of the Gebirgsjager in Waffen-SS. Mint condition. However the color is grass green for PZ Grenadiers of the Heer, this colour is widely seen on the SS shoulder straps. Found in a batch along with other stuff somewhere in Germany More
Kepi for Waffen-SS mountain units. A variant with a buckle in the front, photographically evidenced, is being used mainly by SS-SD personnel. It is extremely rare, and we saw this type of Feldmütze only once in our collector's life.More
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Photo album of the Driver from the headquarters of the 4th SS Police Division, Hans Wendt Album with 71 photographs. Interesting shots from the beginning of the war to the end.More
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Eisernes Kreuz 1939 1.Klasse L/ 55 - Wächtler & Lange. Iron Cross First Class LDO L 55, marking on the inside of the needle. Excellent condition with traces of use. Beautiful patina. Box with a beautiful and deep stamp "LDO" on the inside of the lid More
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